Coping with life after sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is one of those traumatic experiences that may cast a shadow in your life. It leaves its victims using a bag of emotions so twisted and winded just like an eye of your hurricane. This is a hard thing to cope with. You need to ignore the whole deal but you can’t, precisely what happens? Listed below are the 10 tips I have used to deal and they work with me:
1. Refuse bitterness in your own life.
There’s very bad about hoarding grudges, frustration or anger that may destroy your very soul. In accordance with the bible, Proverbs 17:22” A cheerful heart is a good medicine, however a downcast spirit dries in the bones.” Bitterness will turn you from individual preference really are and it hurts you more than the enemy.
2. Accept that it’s previously so you can’t put it back.
It hurts who’s became of you. Nevertheless the sad truth about life’s that we cannot change yesterday. It’s not fair who’s happened but it did. Know that it’s over, they can’t hurt you anymore. You’ll be able to use what’s left of you, they took your innocence and trust. Broken-hearted and sad nevertheless, you can certainly still move ahead. Correctly is written inside the book of Isaiah 61 verse 1, that God binds inside the broken-hearted. He has got the back.
3. Ecclesiastes 9:12b “Like fish consumed a cruel net, and birds caught within a snare, so mortals are snared during a period of calamity, if it suddenly falls upon them.”
Understand that the sexual abuse has not been your fault. The acceptance doesn’t need to be laden with guilty. You didn’t cause this that occurs. You didn’t move around looking for trouble. It’s not due to that which you were wearing. It’s not you are weak. No. You’re a target of crime and you were a sufferer but refuse to victimise yourself forever.
4. Value yourself and gain confidence.
Don’t allow the sexual abuse to define who you are. You are much more than what that criminal made you feel. You might be valuable. When God examines you, He sees a perfect complete person. Remember this verse, Psalms 139:14 “I praise you, for We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Don’t permit the sexual attack to define all of your future. There is a future waiting for you. You happen to be unique, only you can do what you can do. Trust God, rely on yourself. Buy your confidence back. Love yourself, love the body, your heart, soul, spirit and mind. Yourrrre still worth every penny. What doesn’t kill you, are only able to cause you to be stronger. You survived it.
5. Distract yourself from your flashbacks.
Flashbacks include the remnants of these torturous attack. When they arrived at haunt you, keep yourself preoccupied. Should you be encompassed by people, speak with people. If you have good friends, speak with them about something besides what your thinking are brewing. Go for a walk, enjoy your canine friend, be careful about your favourite movie, listen to music, exercise and other things that are it takes to get your mind off the flashbacks.

6. Go for counselling.
Look for a counsellor or therapist. You’ll want to look for a professional therapist which you like plus they understand you. If you need to head to 2 or 3 therapist before you decide to find the one you prefer then so be it. As if the therapist/patient chemistry isn’t right, you very well may not get comfortable enough to inform them just how you feel which is the whole point, really.
7. Bring around the walls of prison you built surrounding you.
If we have already been hurt, we build walls around our hearts. You cannot trust easily anymore. Once beaten, twice shy. It’s like losing the part of your muscle. It will take therapy, tenacity and a strong mind to trust again. Don’t build those walls excessive or you will overlook great amazing relationships in your own life.
8. Value sex within a healthy way again.
Some individuals will turn off sex forever or for a long time after being hurt. Or the other extreme where people feel so devalued that they decide to become prostitutes. It’s understandable given it was utilized as a weapon giving you. Keep in mind that sex was developed as something to be enjoyed by two maried people who love each other. Don’t let some evil person take that joy within you.
9. Allow you to ultimately cry if the emotions want to.
I have faith that it’s okay to let yourself feel. There is absolutely no point in keeping every one of the pain bottled up and pretending you are fine since the day you release it, it’s going to explode. It’s better to choose the way you ‘re feeling, if you believe low and angry; cry, talk, paint, exercise, sing and other things that you have to perform release a those emotions appropriately.
10. Talk over it when you find yourself ready.
Like with therapy, however mean talking to all your family members, relatives or friends who may know or otherwise understand about the sexual attack. This can mean opening to share your experience with people that care about you. Should they be supportive, it will help you heal as you feel paid attention to and your assistance gets bigger. However, be careful over it because some families and friends might not be as caring or loving as we desire them being, specially in this era. Know your friends and family better because there is nothing at all painful than opening yourself as much as discuss about it such a traumatic experience and then have what you are saying met with cold shrugs or no words whatsoever. If they’re not really that caring, you are more satisfied speaking just to your therapist.

In summary, you might be a survivor and you’ll need to take on that the sexual abuse you suffered is one area that could always cast a shadow on your own life. Unfortunately, some wounds work for a lifetime. Healing from emotional wounds needs time to work. Find all the ways stated earlier, repeat and try continuously and soon you determine what really works. You will end up okay. Cast your entire burdens unto Jesus, for He cares about you.

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